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Innovation Inspired By Nature

Boca Cosmetics Group, BCG, develops and manufactures innovative quality hair care products that combine natural ingredients with advanced technology to deliver healthy, shiny, and beautiful looking hair.

BCG has an extensive history as a private label manufacturer and filler for some of the world’s most well known brands. The company viewed the controversy surrounding the use of harmful chemicals in professional use hair products, thereby putting the welfare of stylists in jeopardy, as a need for a unique solution. BCG began developing their own innovative, products focused on industry professionals’ safety and achieving the best results for clients.

In 2012, BCG introduced Olez® INCEPTION, the first of many restorative treatments that harness the finest ingredients from nature.  INCEPTION is enhanced with Apple Stem Cell technology.  In 2013 BCG continues to be a pioneer in the hair industry as it has introduced three new products concentrating on the health of the hair.  Essence of Youth is an anti-aging treatment to rejuvenate the hair.  Much like Botox does to wrinkles in the skin, Essence of Youth smoothes away hair imperfections.  O2 is oxygen therapy that detoxes the hair and scalp then replenishes it with essential nutrients and oils.  NutriFuze is a hair diet for fragile, dull and nutrient-deprived hair.