INCEPTION is the first restorative treatment using apple stem cell technology. The apple stem cell technology strengthens the hair follicle and promotes healthy hair growth while delivering total frizz control, amazing shine and softness. Details »



Inception is a professional restorative system that repairs damage, adds shine to dull hair and controls wave and frizz using apple stem cell technology.

How much time should be allowed for each client?

We recommend leaving a 2-3 hour window depending on client’s hair length and thickness.

Should the hair be colored and/or highlighted before or after the treatment?

We suggest that permanent, demi and semi permanent color and/or highlights be done before the treatment.  This will allow the treatment to seal in the color leaving it rich and vibrant.

What do you suggest I charge for INCEPTION?

We recommend charging what you would charge for a full head of highlights.

How long does the INCEPTION treatment last?

Inception lasts 3-6 months in the hair. The more it is used on the hair, the better the hair quality.

Do I need to do all 4 steps?

For the best possible results, we recommend performing all 4 steps; however, you can leave step 4 (Stem Cell Masque) for a follow up appointment or just market the hair masque alone as a deep conditioning treatment.

Can I use INCEPTION on Ethnic Hair? What about chemically relaxed hair?

Yes, INCEPTION is beneficial for all hair types and textures. We recommend waiting a week before applying it to chemically relaxed hair. 

Can I apply INCEPTION on a client who is pregnant or nursing?

It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. We suggest they check with their physician.

Will the INCEPTION treatment cause the hair to lighten?

INCEPTION is color safe; however, once you have flat ironed the hair, it may look a little lighter but once the hair has been washed and styled, their initial color will return.

What makes INCEPTION different from a keratin treatment?

With a Keratin treatment; you are infusing keratin into the hair shaft to create a smoother, slightly relaxed curl. Inception uses apple stem cell technology to repair damage from the inside of the follicle.  The apple stem cells stay in the hair follicle for up to 14 days after the treatment is performed to restore damaged hair. It is a progressive treatment; meaning as you keep applying the treatment to your client’s hair, their hair quality will become healthier over time. 

Can I use the masque as a separate treatment?

Yes, the masque can be used as a separate treatment all together. 

Will INCEPTION straighten the hair?

Inception smoothes frizz and controls waves but we do not recommend using the word “straighten”as this may cause confusion when seeing the final results.

How long does INCEPTION last?

Inception lasts approximately 3-6 months depending on lifestyle and hair maintenance.  

How often should I have my client come in for this treatment?

We recommend once every 2-3 months. It is a progressive treatment; meaning as you keep applying the treatment to your client’s hair, their hair quality will become healthier over time.

Do you have marketing tools to help me promote INCEPTION at my salon?

Yes, please call and request marketing information 1-800-251-2479 M-F 9AM-530PM

Can the client wash their hair right away or are there any restrictions?

Yes, in fact, if you choose to include step 4 in the treatment; you will need to wash the hair again anyway. 

What are the benefits of the Apple Stem Cells?

Apple stem cells have many benefits such as rejuvenating and slowing down the aging process of the hair follicles, they bring antioxidants and nutrients to the hair bulge region (the key area for hair cell production), they are able to penetrate the hair and deliver moisture deep inside the hair’s cells, they are rich in hydrogen, phytonutrients, proteins and age resistant properties, and they can thrive in the hair for 14 days after application.

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